Women in business

Women’s Empowerment And Entrepreneurship

To quote Gugu Mjadu, Executive General Manager of Marketing at Business Partners Limited:  “It is clear that women entrepreneurs, both current and future, face a complex web of barriers and restrictions in their attempts to engage in entrepreneurial activities. All these issues require attention if South Africa is to realize women’s potential and reap the economic and social benefits of women’s inclusion. Targeted support of women entrepreneurs is critical to the country’s economic recovery.”


Women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, empowering female leaders and benefiting society. 

Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and inspiring others, creating a ripple effect of progress. The percentage of women embarking on entrepreneurship ventures due to necessity went up from 62% to 91.2%

mainly due to job losses during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 


South Africa moved up two places in Women Business Owner benchmark (ranking 44th), 

with 21.9% of all businesses owned by women in 2021.

The United Nations reports that women reinvest around 90% of their income in the health and education of their children and community, indicating the importance of supporting women’s entrepreneurship to effect socio-economic upliftment.


Small businesses, particularly those led by women, serve as a formidable catalyst for positive change in South Africa. 

They inject fresh ideas, diversity, and vibrancy into the economy, revitalizing local communities.

Backing these enterprises represents an investment in a brighter tomorrow for our society. 

Through collaborative efforts, we can empower them to assume leadership roles, achieve success, and further enrich our nation’s prosperity.


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Women's Entrepreneurship

Women's Entrepreneurship

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Women's Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

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