Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Sharon brings a wealth of experience as a business development consultant in the corporate B2B arena, 

with over three decades of hands-on experience. Building a strong reputation for establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with companies of all sizes 

and across diverse industries, she has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to helping her clients succeed.


Her approach combines unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm, enabling her to provide personalized and 

proactive support to her clients throughout her career. With expertise in the B2B new business arena, 

Sharon excels at understanding her clients’ objectives, delivering tangible results, and ensuring their satisfaction.


A notable strength lies in her ability to comprehend her clients’ needs and tailor solutions that drive success and achieve desired outcomes. Her experience and expertise uniquely position her to navigate the complexities of the business world, offering strategic guidance that maximizes growth potential.


Beyond her professional achievements, Sharon is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on empowering women as business owners. 

Her belief in fostering an environment where women can thrive, grow, and make a significant impact on the business world is evident. 

Sharon is dedicated to supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs, and her advocacy for gender equality and diversity is reflected 

in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Under Sharon’s leadership, extensive experience, and genuine passion, she continues to make a lasting impact on the business development landscape, 

helping clients achieve their goals and contributing to the advancement of women in entrepreneurship.

People we've worked with

In the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of engaging with Sharon on two large company projects, where her expertise, commitment and professional approach in understanding the companies goals, ensured that the deliverables were met.

Sharon has a Personal Approach to business development, which is very hard to find in business today. 
Although, I no longer work in the corporate world as I now run my own business, Sharon would be the first person I would contact to assist in building my sales teams skills in the future. Sharon is an out and out professional who I would certainly recommend.

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Chris Phillips Managing Director

The Welders Network

I approached Sharon Sprenger because I needed insights on what was happening in the sales industry during the Pandemic and the changes, we were all experiencing. Sharon helped me by really digging deep and asking me the right questions to make sure I took advantage of all the shifts happening amongst different sectors. The result was amazing. Having insight, I got to creating a new Sales and Marketing Method, that can 3x Sales and Marketing efforts in as little as 3 months.

One thing I really liked was her guidance on what shifts had already occurred in specific sectors, like big pharma and financial service, helped guide the checklist of potential training for Sales and Marketing alike. I found the entire experience to be genuine and completely transparent. 

I would recommend Sharon Sprenger to anyone who wants to upskill their sales team to the ‘new’ normal must have a chat to Sharon.

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Darryl Viljoen Director

DMSS Agency

Sharon has a passion for the sales process and ensuring that our sales team had access to the latest Sales trends and training opportunities. Sharon applies these principles in all her engagements with me and my team to make sure that we had the best bespoke solutions. 

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Dirk Meyer, Key Account Manager and Export Sales  
Daimler Trucks Southern Africa